Platforms : Linux, Windows and Macintosh

LaTeX is a markup language, a system of document creation where you write plain unformatted text (as you might in Notepad), and that is turned into formatted text (as one might see in MS Word or OOo) by a compiler. For instance, instead of selecting “italics” from a menu and seeing your text instantly italicized as in Word, in LaTeX you type a markup command that will be interpreted by the compiler as “put this text into italics”. LaTeX has become an extremely popular typesetting system which can be used for almost any form of publishing.The easiest and quickest way to learn it is by example.Various examples are available freely on the web.To write a document in LaTeX you must first write your code/script in a text editor and save it as a .tex file.Next to compile your tex file you must issue the command latex filename.tex. If your code was free of error a file calledfilename.dvi will appear in your working directory.To view your .dvi file just issue the command xdvi filename.dvi.Of course an easier way to create/edit and compile your tex file is to use Kile.

Using LaTex in Windows

Winedit is window version application of LaTex. You need a licence to use Winedit in Window terminals in the coumputer lab. The licence is valid just for couple assigned computers(ask ) and will be given individually as needed.


The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX

Useful LaTeX Links

LaTeX Project