Kile (Similar to Winedt in Windows) is an integrated LaTeX environment for the KDE desktop. Kile gives you the ability to use all the functions of LaTeX in a graphical interface, giving you easier way to create/edit tex files.Kile also gives you immediate and customized access to all programs for LaTeX compiling, post processing, debugging, conversion and viewing tools.Remember that all files should be in the tex format.Kile also has very useful LaTeX reference under its Help tab.

To access Kile in Linux you may click on the Kile icon under the start menu or issue the command kilein the UNIX shell.Once Kile is opened you will notice a blank window and a narrow window on the left which displays .tex files from your working directory. The user may chose to open a file from the narrow window by double clicking on that file or chose to make a new file.


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