Web Site Publishing

Web publishing

Requesting a web account:

Instructional web space is available to each faculty, staff member (including visiting instructors). If you do not already have an account and need one, you must contact the department MSO to get you started.

The Canon Copier in the department computer lab is available for scanning, if needed.

Graduate students should apply for their web space at:

Once you have your site set up, email the webmaster to request a link from the Department's main pages.

Publishing your web:

For faculty and staff who already have an web account:

Review the LSIT information on how to access your web share.

Use SFTP to transfer your files. For UNIX command line, issue the command sftp webshare.lsit.ucsb.edu. After login, use put or get command to transport single files and use mget or mput to transport multiple files at the same time. To quit, type exit. For other available commands, type help when you are in ftp.

For Windows, use a SFTP program such as Filezilla and follow the wizard to transport files. Again, the name of the remote host is webshare.lsit.ucsb.edu.

For faculty and visiting professors who want a web site for their class,

You can use the Electronic Reserves (ERes) provided by the library. Simply bring a hard copy to the reserve book service located in Davison library and check it out online via Electronic Reserves (ERes).

For graduate students, follow the instructions on http://www.uweb.ucsb.edu/ to transport files.


If you need help, please email at help@lsit.ucsb.edu.



Web pages on University Servers may not be used to promote personal business or to provide personal financial gain, except as may be permitted by other University Policy or Regulations. Use of an account for commercial purposes, for profit-making, for political campaigning for offices outside the College of Letters and Science, or lobbying is prohibited without exception.