Computing Resources Overview

The computing infrastructure supports faculty, staff, graduate students and visitors with a variety of instructional and research applications. It allows intensive statistical calculations and analysis.

All department machines are connected to a local area network, with access to the campus-wide area network and to the Internet. A large-capacity disk array acts as the department file server. Additional compute servers are reserved for long term and floating point intensive computations or data mining. Most servers are Linux based, with the Ubuntu distribution. We also have a specialized Remote Application Server (RAS) cluster running on Windows server. This new RAS cluster is designed for special project needs where high level computation or data mining and security needs intersect.

For each department member, personal computing accounts are provided.

Each staff, faculty member, or visitor has at least one workstation for his or her academic and research purposes. Aside from multiple workstations, the lab includes a canon copier with a color scanner that allows you to scan multiple documents into a single PDF file that can be emailed to you or stored on a local flash drive that you provide. Department laser printers have been replaced by both our Canon Copier in the mailroom and the Kyocera in the main office.

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