Mail Room Copier

Our mailroom copier is a TASKalfa 8001i copier that prints, copies, faxes, scans to PDF and emails. Below you'll find the links to the drivers for either Macintosh, Windows or Linux:
Important caveat: Due to security needs I've limited access to this printer from only department IP's and the Campus VPN. If in doing the below steps you get an error that the printer can't be found you will need to first connect to the campus VPN. If you need the VPN software you can download it from HERE. Once on the campus VPN you'll will be able to connect to the printer.
Additional note: Our old copy codes formatted for 7 digits are now 6 digits. The change has been made from our old 001 or 002 (teaching and research respectively) to 01 and 02. (i.e. your code for teaching should resemble this: 123401.) Also, note that 'research' has been replaced by 'personal'

Installing Drivers for Windows

Follow the below instructions for installing and configuring the driver for Windows:
1. Download the windows driver from above. Un-compress it and look for it here:

It's in a folder called 'KX'. Open that folder.
2. After opening the folder 'KX" now you will see the folder titled, "en". Open that folder.
3. In the "en" folder look for and double click on the application "KmInstall".
4.Click 'Yes' to start the installer
5.Click Accept
6.Click "OK"
7. Click Custom Install
8. Now you may or may not see the TASKalfa 80001i in the list like it is below. If you don't see it then you will need to click on the '+' sign next to the words, "Add custom device"
If you do have to click the '+' sign then you will be taken to the image below:

On your system click on the above highlighted port name then click on "OK" to continue.
9. Now make sure that TASKalfa 8001i is highlighted and click on the blue error to its right.