RStudio Server

RStudio server - perelandra

Dedicated RStudio server. To be used by any PSTAT department student or professor that has been assigned a department account. You can connect to it from anywhere via your web browser using your department credentials and this URL: Anyone accessing from outside the department I refer you to the tech note #2 below.

Tech notes:
Handling RStudio Stuck Processes:
  1. If your R won't start in your RStudio session you need to email letting us know so that we can verify your session is locked with the command: rstudio-server active-sessions and kill the appropriate PID.
  2. If you'd like to fix this yourself, you can do that by logging into the RStudio server via terminal using the command: ssh {your_username} After successfully logging in issue the command:

    rstudio-server active-sessions

    That command will list all RStudio sessions, make sure yours are in that list then issue this command to kill all of them: pkill -u {your_username}

Accessing RStudio While Not in Our Departmentm

  1. To access from outside our physical department you will need to utilize the campus VPN. Information on how to access the campus VPN can be found here.