File Management

Transporting files from the server to your local computer

Secure FTP (SFTP)

If your local computer is a UNIX machine:
Use the command sftp to login our server and use get or put to transport a single file and mget or mput to transport multiple files. Type “quit” to exit sftp. For further sftp commands, type help when you are in sftp.

If your local computer is a Windows machine:
Download a FREE sftp client called WinSCP here. Again, the hostname to connect to is

For more information on WinSCP, look to their website.

Server Mounted Drive

On most department PCs, your home directory will be mounted to the H: drive (and mapped to My Documents) if you log into the initial “Home Directory” prompt. If not, you can go to Start button-> Startup -> “Home Directory” to login and create that link to your documents on H:. Don't forget to log out of the machine to close this connection to your files.

If you need help, please email at