South Hall 5421

Lab Computers

Three Windows computers have Office installed as well as various statistical software packages (i.e. SAS, R, RStudio, Matlab, Mathematica... etc.) Each PC is able to mount your network home share in the H: drive allowing you to work on files that you may have generated from one of our clusters or from your own personal desktop.

Printer - Canon Copier

All printed documents can be found in the department mail room.


In this room, next to the printer you'll also find your department mailboxes.

Remote Super-computing

Computing resources in the Super Computer Lab here on campus at CNSI/MRL. A graduate student cannot have access to the supercomputer. However, a faculty member can get computing allocation for students assisting in research. Getting allocation involves submitting a form here, to get account access to CNSI/MRL braid cluster. The faculty member could decide on a case-by-case basis whether the computing needs of the student merit the need for a supercomputer access and then help the student with the necessary procedures to get it.

First, contact

Virus protection (Never forget!)

Anti-virus programs are free through the UCSB site-license (which means free just for computers in the school). The above mentioned software can be install by the Systems Administrator. Please submit a request for that software thru this link.

If you need help, please email at