Statistical Consulting Laboratory

The Statistical Consulting Laboratory - Statlab - exists primarily to provide advice on statistical methods to researchers (faculty and graduate students) at UCSB. Advice can be given at all stages of an investigation — planning the data collection, choosing the appropriate statistical methods for valid interpretation of results, choosing effective software for calculation and graphical display and figuring out how to do the numerical work on a computer and reporting the final statistical results.

Statlab is under the direction of the Statlab Director with active assistance of senior graduate students with major interest and training in applied statistics. Statlab can also draw on the expertise of several other faculty members in the Department of Statistics and Applied Probability.

Statlab's role is advisory: the aim is to help researchers do their own statistical analysis. The services are free for faculty, staff and graduate students at UCSB.  On-campus researchers seeking statistical help should fill out this intake form. The Statlab graduate student consultant will follow up to set up an appointment.  Note: assistance cannot be given to students seeking help with UCSB coursework.  
Statlab services are also available to off-campus organizations. If full data analysis services are required, then special arrangements can sometimes be made. Off-campus organizations seeking seeking statistical help should fill out this off-campus intake form.
If necessary, you can directly contact Statlab by email ( Walk-in services are also available from the Statlab graduate consultants. The Winter 2020 office hours are 2-3pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Collaboratory on the second floor of the Davidson Library. You are encouraged to fill out an intake form and make an appointment.
Please note: The Statlab is not open during the summer (approximately mid June through the end of September).

Contact the StatLab

StatLab consultation request form On-campus Researchers Requests from off-campus
StatLab Teaching Assistant Zachary Terner
StatLab Teaching Assistant Yi Zheng
StatLab Director Dr. Alexander Franks