Instructor Resources

New and Visiting Instructor Information

Important information for new and visiting instructors can be found here. Information on: Syllabus, GauchoSpace, Waiting Lists and Crashing Students... etc. 

Managing stress/Supporting Distressed Students

Personal concerns such as stress, anxiety, relationships, depression, cultural differences, can interfere with the ability of students to succeed and thrive. For helpful resources, please contact UCSB Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) at 805-893-4411 or visit

If you encounter a student in distress, please contact 805-893-3030 immediately and/or consult the Responding to Distressed Student Protocolat or phone 893-3030.

Signs of Distressed Students:

Academic Support for Students

For general academic support, students are encouraged to visit Campus Learning Assistance Services (CLAS) early and often. CLAS offers instructional groups, drop-in tutoring, writing and ESL services, skills workshops and one-on-one consultations. CLAS is located on the third floor of the Student Resource Building, or visit

Disabled Students Programs (DSP)

Accommodations for Exams: Students with disabilities may request academic accommodations for exams online through the UCSB Disabled Students Program at Students should make their requests for exam accommodations through the online system as early in the quarter as possible to ensure proper arrangement.

PSTAT Department DSP room coordination process: Very soon you will be approached by students with disabilities as well as receive e-mails from DSP program. Here is what you need to know/do:

  1. DSP students often require exam accommodation: additional exam time and/or separate exam rooms. DSP documentation states exactly what accommodation is required. Instructors receive an e-mail from DSP stating what accommodations are necessary. You may be approached by students with papers from their doctors. Please refer them to DSP. Please inform students that you must have DSP verification in order to provide any exam accommodation.

  2. Students must request exam accommodation from DSP as early as possible in the quarter to ensure that separate rooms and DSP proctors are found. Proctors are provided by DSP; rooms are found by Sarah, our staff UG advisor — see item 5 below.

  3. Students are required to submit the proctor request to DSP online at least 10 days prior to the exam in order to be guaranteed their accommodation(s). Sometimes, students will make requests later than 10 days in advance. While they may be difficult to process, by law, we need to make an attempt to fill the request. While you are not required to accommodate a student that does not submit such a request in a timely manner, we are asked, however, to attempt to accommodate such students. Please note: department staff cannot supervise or find proctors for your students. Requesting proctors on time from DSP is the student's responsibility; it then becomes responsibility of the DSP to provide one.

  4. Finding rooms for a 3-5 hour exam is difficult and time consuming. Students who did not submit an exam accommodation request 10 days in advance are not guaranteed that a room will be found. You may want to announce this to students in class and put it on GauchoSpace.

  5. To help us, for all PSTAT courses, Sarah submits the online Proctor Requests that the student submits for each exam. On the request she will input information as follows:

    1. When/Where the proctor gets the exam paper: Sarah instructs the DSP proctor to contact the instructor for exam pick-up and drop-off locations. Exam pick-up is scheduled for 30 minutes before start of the lecture so it allows time for the proctor and instructor to start at the regularly scheduled course on time. The proctor coordinates with students on their meeting place.

    2. Where to deliver the completed test: The instructor specifies to the proctor where to deliver the completed exam (slip under the door of your office, if necessary). If you prefer arrangements other than (i)-(ii) please communicate with Sarah before she submits the room assignment online. One person only can submit this form and you are welcome to do so yourself, but this would require you to find a room for the disabled student on campus on your own.

    3. When handing exams to proctor, instructors must communicate to the proctor

      • what the student is allowed to use on the exam (notes, books, calculators, tables, etc.). The easiest: include this information on the exam paper.

      • what to do if a student has questions. Provide a cell phone number — yours, or your TA.

Note: Please do not leave your test in the department office. Sarah is not responsible for delivering tests and instructions to proctors.

Please include the following in your syllabii, GauchoSpace and announce it in class to the students:

Students with disabilities may request academic accommodations for exams online through the UCSB Disabled Students Program at Please make your requests for exam accommodations through the online system as early in the quarter as possible to ensure arrangement. Students are required to submit the proctor request to DSP online at least 10 days prior to the exam in order to be guaranteed their accommodation(s). Also, non-DSP students cannot be proctored by DSP.

Transfer Student Center

The Transfer Student Center ( connects transfer students to resources that will help them survive and thrive academically and socially, and to prepare for life beyond UCSB — whether in a graduate school, a professional school, or a career.

Academic Policies

Responsible scholarship: Honesty and integrity in all academic work is essential for a valuable educational experience. The Office of Judicial Affairs has policies, tips, and resources for proper citation use, recognizing actions considered to be cheating or other forms of academic theft, and students' responsibilities, available on their website at: Students are responsible for educating themselves on the policies and to abide by them.

The PSTAT department takes academic honesty and integrity very seriously, and all incidents should be reported. Guidelines for reporting a breach of academic honesty and integrity policies are as follows:

  • Inform student that the incident will be taken to the Office of Judicial Affairs.

  • Report to the Office of Judicial Affairs with justification.

  • The 5A, 5LS, and 109 course instructors should also inform the Courses Coordinator, Dawn Holmes.

  • Upper-Division course instructors should inform Raya Feldman.

UCSB's Calendars

Academic Calendar

Approved academic calendars can be found on the Registrar's website under Calendars & Deadlines at the bottom of the page. For Summer Sessions, please visit

Finals Schedule

Please visit for information on the official finals schedule. Instructors are not authorized to change the published time of final examinations.

Visiting Instructors Check-out Procedure

After a visiting instructor has finished his/her time at UCSB, there are a few steps the instructor will need to take to ensure the department record protocols are followed.

  • The original final exams need to be turned into the department office where they are held for one year.

  • A spreadsheet of the instructor's GauchoSpace grading records for each course taught should be sent to the undergrad advisor. The spreadsheet should include homework grades, quizzes/exams, and a grading rubric.

  • PDF versions of the course syllabus and the final exam should be emailed to the undergrad advisor.

  • Finally, all office and building keys should be returned to the department main office.