Room Reservation

How to request a Department Room Reservation

The new system we are using can be found here.

First time users should create an account in order to book PSTAT rooms by following the Create an Account link at the bottom of the page. Creating an account will require an email address. Note that email addresses ending with "" will only be accepted.

After you have created and activated your account (via email), you will want to go to the Schedule tab and then to Bookings to reserve a room. There, you will find a weekly calendar with all of the available PSTAT rooms and available times.

To book, you can click on the box corresponding to the day, room and time that you would like; you may drag the cursor to select multiple hours at a time. You will then see a Create a new reservation page where you can adjust the starting/ending time or repeat options, as well as add a title and description of the event.

In order to ensure timely process of your reservation, please make sure to put in a title for your reservation. For example, the title could be "Office Hours" for TA or professor office hours, or "Study Group" for an exam study session. We ask that you do not put in your name as the reservation title.

You will then click the create button on the right-hand side of the page and your request will be processed by the department. You will receive an email when your reservation request has been approved or denied. You may edit your reservation by navigating to your reservation in the calendar (again, under Schedule, then Bookings), selecting your event, and editing as needed. To cancel the reservation, please navigate to your event and hit Delete on the bottom left of the reservation page.