Travel Information

The following links are to aid you in your travel plans and choices. Using these options can save on out-of-pocket expenses and also offer discounts for UC business such as attending conferences, presenting talks and conducting research. First you need to give me a quick email with details of your travel plans and which funds you will be using. Then familiarize yourself with the options. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact the Financial coordinator:

UCSB Travel & Entertainment information

You will find all policies, procedures, and services/resources regarding travel & entertainment planning and reimbursement on the UCSB BFS Travel & Entertainment website. Information specifically on meal reimbursement can be found here. Information on misc and membership reimbursement can be found here. Policy information regarding traveling and entertainment can be found here.

Corporate Travel Card Info.

The corporate travel card offered by UCSB allows you to put your travels on a credit card so that you will have no out of pocket expenses when traveling. When your TEV (Travel Expense Voucher) is processed, your bill will be paid directly; An advance can also be issued to the credit card so that you will not accrue any late charges.