Conflict of Commitment Form

All faculty members are required to fill in Appendix C with category I and II outside activities. at the end of each academic year. If there are no such activities write "NONE". The form is due by November 1 of the following year. If there will be category I activities, prior approval from the Chancellor is required, therefore you must fill in Appendix B and receive approval prior to the activity.

TA Assignment Form

(for UAW union requirements). This form is in PDF format and can be filled in online and printed out. This form must be completed by the Instructor for each Teaching Assistant and Reader before the quarter begins (or before they perform their assignments). This includes Summer Session. 

Biography Form for Academic Personnel

This form is used for all new permanent and visiting faculty including student associates. The form can be filled in online and printed out, however, an original signature is required. A current C.V. must be attached. 

Bio-Bibliographic Update

This is a blank template that can be used to update ladder faculty biobibs. This is due each year by May 10.

Misc Department

Hourly Timecard