This list of tutors is courtesy of the Department of Statistics and Applied Probability. These tutors are hired separately from the Department. Teaching assistants are not permitted to tutor for courses they currently TA for. Please contact the tutor to negotiate rates; hourly rates are generally $30 - $40 for lower division courses and $35 - $50 for upper division courses.

Gabrielle Salo

gsalo@ucsb.edu 5A, 120A, 130

Jeffrey Wu

jeffreywu@pstat.ucsb.edu 5A, 10, 109, 120A

Wenjing Li

wenjingli@ucsb.edu 171

Joshua Bang

joshua_bang@ucsb.edu 5A, 5LS, 120ABC, 134

Franky Meng


5A, 109, 115, 120AB, 126, 131, 160AB

Huiyu Jiang

huiyujiang@ucsb.edu 10, 120AB, 160AB
Roupen Khanjian


5A/LS, 10, 109, 122, 126

Javier Zapata


5A, 109, 120A, 160A

Lizzie Spencer

espencer@umail.ucsb.edu 5A, 120ABC, 126

Yichen Feng


120ABC, 5A, 109, 126

Andrea Angiuli

angiuli@pstat.ucsb.edu 160AB, 120A, 176

Ming Min

m_min@pstat.ucsb.edu 120A, 120B, 160A, 160B, 170, 176