Student Clubs

PSTAT works closely with the following student clubs on campus: The Actuarial Association, Female Actuarial Organization, the Data Science Club and Financial Analysis and Management Education (FAME).

Actuarial Association

As stated under the "Prospective Students" section on their website:

The UCSB Actuary Club is a great way to meet motivated people in your the same major and study together for classes and exams. We also provide material for the first 4 exams so students do not have to buy manuals and spend too much money. We also host career workshops when we invite big companies to present and interview our members. It’s a fantastic community in which students help and support each other.

Data Science Club

As stated under the "About" section on their website:

"Data Science at UCSB is a university club founded and organized by students for students. Working closely with UCSB’s Statistics and Applied Probability Department, we aim to get Gauchos on the path to a successful career in data science and analytics through group projects, peer education, and presentations from industry leaders. Our members learn the tools of the trade, such as Python, R and SQL, while bolstering soft skills like public speaking, teamwork, and delegation. "

Female Actuarial Organization(FACTOR)

As stated under the "About" section on their Facebook page:

"FACTOR is a women-led organization dedicated to encouraging, assisting, and promoting equal opportunities for individuals pursuing careers as actuaries. We focus on actuarial opportunities and professional development for our members."

FAME (Financial Analysis and Management Education)

As stated under the "About" section on their website:

FAME is a student organization that was founded in San Francisco and has made its way to Santa Barbara. Our club is made up of people who want to combine theory learned in class with current business analysis to better prepare students for the realities of the business world. FAME has welcomed guest speakers from a variety of fields, ranging from wealth management to investing banking to private equity. We also hold various recruiting events throughout the year. FAME's main goal, however, is to teach students about various financial topics.”