Change of Major Policy

The PSTAT Department is accepting all Change of Major applications online. Applications are open between Weeks 1 and Week 10 each quarter, with an additional application cycle over the summer.

Spring 2024 Change of Major Petitions

ACTSC/STSDS: The Spring 2024 Change of Major cycle is open HERE! This form is used if you would like to switch to an ACTSC/STSDS major or pre-major, advance from a ACTSC/STSDS pre-major to the full major, add a ACTSC/STSDS major as a double major, and/or change your STSDS major emphasis (from BA>BS or BS>BA). 

  • To declare a pre-major: must have at least 2 pre-major MATH courses taken or in progress at UCSB (or another UC) as of Winter 2024

Note: MATH 34A/34B are not consiered pre-major courses and do not count towards these 2 MATH courses​​​​​

  • To declare a full Major: must have all pre-major and preparation for the major coursework completed or in progress as of Winter 2024

If your second MATH course or last pre/preparation course is in progress, apply by Friday, June 7th (end of Week 10) to ensure your submission is reviewed at the end of the quarter. Any in-progress grades will need to be finalized before we review your major change. Submissions with all grades finalized will be reviewed and processed on a rolling basis. 

Submissions with all grades finalized may take the department 4-6 weeks to be reviewed. If your major change request is approved, you will be emailed an invitation to complete a Change of Major Petition via DocuSign for the major change you would like to make:

FMS: If you are looking to switch to the Financial Mathematics major or pre-major, please submit a petition to the Mathematics Department at  


Fall 2024 Pass 1/2 Clearance Requests


If you have submitted a major change petition to declare a PSTAT major and it is still processing, you are eligible to request Pass 1 & 2 clearance for Fall 2024 registration HERE!  


You are limited to requesting clearances for courses that are required by you major (PSTAT electives not included) if you have the required prerequisites either completed or in progress. If by the end of the quarter, course prerequisites are not met and/or you are not accepted into the full PSTAT major, your clearance will be revoked and you will be dropped from the PSTAT upper division course.


For pre-PSTAT majors: To request Pass 1 clearance for PSTAT 120A in Fall 2024, you should be finishing all pre-major courses with it. If you have 3 or more courses left, focus on them first in Summer or Fall 2024. For pre-ACTSCI majors: WRIT 107B does not need to be taken prior to declaring the full major. 

  • To guarantee Pass 1 clearance: submit change of major petition AND clearance requests by MAY 6TH. 
  • To guarantee Pass 2 clearance: submit change of major petition AND clearance requests by MAY 13TH.

You will NOT receive any sort of confirmation or email once your clearance has been processed. As long as you meet all eligibility requirements and have submitted your request prior to the deadlines above, you will be able to log into GOLD during your pass time and enroll in the course(s) on your own.

PSTAT will not endorse any Change of Major Petitions until the following qualifications have been met:

  • Students declaring the Actuarial Science or Statistics and Data Science pre-major must have at least two MATH courses from UCSB (or another UC) on their transcript before they will be considered.
  • Students declaring the full Actuarial Science or Statistics and Data Science major must meet meet the following requirements:
  • Students must complete all pre-major courses with a 2.5 or higher UC grade-point average. All pre-major courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.
  • Students are permitted to repeat up to a maximum of two pre-major courses. Only one repeat is allowed in each course. In the case of a letter grade below C, students must repeat the course at UCSB. 
  • Students must complete both CMPSC 8 and CMPSC 9 (or 16) with a grade of “C” or better in each course prior to declaring the full major. Grades in CMPSC 8 and CMPSC 9 (or 16) are excluded from the pre-major GPA, but will apply to the overall major GPA.
  • Students must show that they are able to pass the majority of their MATH or PSTAT courses from UCSB in one attempt.
  • Students must demonstrate that they will be able to graduate within normative time.