Change of Major Policy


In reponse to the transition to online learning due to COVID-19, PSTAT is accepting change of major petitions online during remote learning through the following procedure:

  1. Students may petition to change to a PSTAT major by filling out this form; note that you must be signed into your UCSB google account in order to apply. Please note that this form will only be open during WEEK 3 of Summer Session A (opening Tuesday 7/5 at 8am and closing Friday 7/9 at 5pm) and during WEEK 3 of Summer Session B (opening Monday 8/16 at 8am and closing Friday 8/20 at 5pm)
  2. In order to complete the form, you will need to upload the following items:
  3. Here is an example of a completed Change of Major petition. Click here
  4. For those who wish to double major with Statistics and Data Science, you must first apply as the BA. After you have shown that you can handle the rigor of a double major, you can apply for the BS at a later time.

Incomplete petitions (i.e. not including BS/BA) will be denied. You will need to reapply at the next workshop.

It may take the department 4-6 weeks to process Change of Major petitions.

Note: All petitions to switch into the Financial Math and Statistics majors must be sent to the Math department. 

Students that wish to change their major to a PSTAT major must attend a PSTAT Change of Major Workshop, which takes place twice a quarter on the Tuesday of weeks 3 and 7 between 1:00pm and 4:00pm. All materials will be provided. Peer advisors will be available to assist in course scheduling and answering questions. Please click here for upcoming workshops.

PSTAT will not endorse any change of major petitions until the following qualifications have been met:

  • Student must have at least two MATH courses from UCSB on their transcript before they will be considered
  • Student must show that they are able to pass the majority of their math or pstat courses from UCSB in one attempt. Courses which have a 'W' grade are considered to be a first attempt; if the course is then repeated after having received a 'W' grade, this is considered a second attempt. If students took a 'W' grade due to extraordinary hardship, PSTAT will consider an exception to this policy with the attachment of supporting documentation
  • Student must demonstrate that they will be able to graduate within normative time

What is a Change of Major Week?

During the Change of Major Workshop, students will put together a packet which includes their Change of Major petition, a copy of their intended major sheet, and a personalized course schedule for the major. Peer advisors are available to assist in any questions regarding the petition and can advise on course scheduling. Tools are available to assist students in understanding prerequisite requirements, course routes, and VEE requirements (for Actuary majors). All materials will be provided during the workshop.



If you still have at least one math course left for the preparation for the major, you must take that one math course in addition to PSTAT 120A. If you do not have any math courses left, you must take PSTAT 120A and PSTAT 120B. Students are able to enroll in UD PSTAT courses during pass 3 if there is room. If the course is full, you may add yourself to the waitlist during pass 3.

Students that are struggling with math courses early on are strongly encouraged to pursue a major that is a better fit. The college advisors will work with you in finding appropriate alternatives. If you nonetheless still wish to pursue a PSTAT major, you may continue to attempt to take courses; once you have proven that you can regularly pass a UD PSTAT course in one attempt, you may reapply and be considered for the major. The department suggests you have at least two quarters of PSTAT courses passed within 1 attempt on your transcript before you apply. Please be aware that, as you will not be a major, you will not have priority registration and may find it difficult to enroll in required courses without going through the waitlist process.

PSTAT will accept a change of major petition outside of the workshop if you provide a printout of your schedule proving that you have a conflict when you submit. You may turn the petition in to the front desk; just let them know you have a course or work conflict.

If the College or the Department has requested that you submit a second Change of Major Petition due to a processing error with a previous petition, you do not need to attend a workshop. You may turn the petition in at the front desk.

If you have been advised by the college that you need to submit a Change of Major Petition as soon as possible, PSTAT will accept the petition so long as you have an email from a college advisor stating that you need the petition as soon as possible. If you speak with the advisor in person, please ask them to write an email to you stating you will need to submit a petition as quickly as possible, and you may turn in this printed email along with your petition to the front desk.