Course Repeat Policy

PSTAT does not endorse any petitions for second repeats for any PSTAT major courses, including all PSTAT courses as well as courses in other departments required for major preparation or premajor requirements. All students may repeat a course only once, per College of Letters and Science policy, given that they received a C- or below (or NP). Such courses may be repeated for a letter grade if the course is so offered, and if the student is eligible for that option. Courses may also be repeated for pass/no pass, however all courses required for the major or preparation for the major/premajor must be completed with a letter grade only.

We are dedicated to seeing our students succeed and want to ensure that all students are able to graduate in a timely manner. While we appreciate that sometimes everyone struggles or makes mistakes, and we understand that sometimes people might need a second chance, we have to balance this with ensuring that students are able to move forward through the major. It's important to take your courses seriously each and every quarter to ensure that you get good grades and continue to move forward - if you're having trouble passing your courses please be aware that there are resources available to assist students. For assistance, contact CLAS or check the PSTAT tutor page.



Unfortunately, students that are unable to pass a prerequisite course after taking it twice will typically not be able to move forward with the major; students in this scenario are strongly encouraged to seek advising from the College of Letters and Science in order to discuss options and receive assistance in choosing an appropriate alternative for a major.

You must maintain a 2.0 (C average) in your upper-division courses, as well as all major courses. It is possible to receive a low grade (C- or below, but above an F) and still be above an overall 2.0 GPA in the upper-division major/minor. Also, classes in series or upper-division electives may require that you receive a C or better in a particular course (or courses) to be eligible to enroll. If your overall GPA or your UD major GPA is below 2.0, or the course is a prerequisite for another required course (where it is clearly specifies that you must get a C or better), then you should typically repeat the course once if possible. Otherwise, you may need to pursue a different major.

No, students are only able to repeat a course if they received a grade of C- or lower, or a NP. Please keep in mind that all courses taken for any PSTAT major/preparation for major/pre-major must be completed with a letter grade.

If there were extenuating circumstances that can be documented which caused you to fail the course, you may petition for a retroactive drop through the College, or petition to receive an incomplete with the instructor for the course so that you may complete it at a later time.

If you retroactively drop the course, the course will show on your transcript as a “W” for withdraw, at which point you’ll be able to legally repeat the course for the “first” time.

If you receive an incomplete, you can wait to finish the course later by completing assignments/projects/homeworks/exams as determined by agreement with the course instructor. Please remember that if you believe you may need to petition for an incomplete, consult with the College and instructor before the final takes place! If you take the final, you have officially completed the course, and thus are ineligible for an incomplete.

Both petitions for incomplete and a retroactive withdrawal are filled out by the student and the instructor, and then turned in directly to the College of Letters and Science (first floor of Cheadle Hall). Do not turn these petitions in to the department. If you do, this will only result in a delay in processing.