The Department of Statistics and Applied Probability offers many services and resources to its graduate students, faculty, and visitors. Please browse through the menu options for information pertaining to computing services, traveling, grant proposal services, etc. 

Mail Boxes

South Hall 5521 contains Departmentally assigned mailboxes for all visiting instructors, faculty, and graduate students. There are also two outgoing mailboxes, one for on-campus mail and one for off-campus mail, to be used for business purposes only; personal mail will be returned from mail services even if it is properly stamped. Mail is picked up around 8:45am. Campus mail must be marked by the proper mail code.


The Department provides keys for South Hall, the Rachev Lab/Mail Room, and any assigned office space. If you lose your key or lock yourself out, it is possible that the front office can provide a spare, however it is not guaranteed. If the office does not have a spare in the inventory, you will need to call campus police to come unlock the door. Please be very mindful of your keys.


Our Department provides a TASKalfa 8001i copier located in the mailroom, South Hall 5521. This copier is available to all instructors, graduate students, ASEs, and staff. The machine is capable of faxing, scanning to your department email, copying, collating, and stapling. This machine is black and white only, the department does not provide color copies. Instructions to connect your laptop to the computer may be found here or you may use the provided desktop in the mailroom to print directly.


PSTAT Staff Directory

Office: (805) 893-2129

Department of Statistics & Applied Probability
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-3110