Version : 11.x

Platforms : Windows, Macintosh and Linux

Representing a major milestone in an unprecedented 30-year journey, Mathematica 11 significantly extends the reach of Mathematica and introduces many innovations that give all Mathematica users new levels of power and effectiveness.

With its bold long-term vision of integrating and automating all areas of computation and knowledge, each new version of Mathematica makes new domains accessible as a routine part of any user's workflow. Want to find the solution to a PDE and then 3D print it? Mathematica 11 provides integrated tools that yet again vastly expand the scope of cross-domain projects that can routinely be done by users at all levels.
Mathematica 11 builds on Wolfram's recent R&D breakthroughs in a host of areas—including neural network computation, audio integration and linguistic computing. Existing Mathematica users will also find a wide range of convenient enhancements in interface, language and algorithm depth and efficiency.

Getting Mathematica

PSTAT contributes to a site license, so users can install copies and request licenses.

Obtaining Mathematica, Activation Key:

2.  Log into the system with your Wolfram ID (your email address)
Note for NEW users only:
You must first create an account (New users only):
a.     Go to and click "Create Account"
b.    Fill out form using a email, and click "Create Wolfram ID"
c.     Check your email and click the link to validate your Wolfram ID
3.  You will be directed to a Request Form. Please be sure to use your UCSB e-mail.
4.  Once you have filled in all the available fields, "submit" the form.
5.  Click the "Product Summary page" link to access your license. An activation key is automatically sent to your email address.
6.  Click "Get Downloads" and select "Download" next to your platform. Run the installer on your machine, and enter the Activation Key at prompt.
Important Note: The activation key is valid for fifteen (15) days, pending approval by the site administrator. Your request will be approved once the site administrator has verified the information you entered in the form.
Access to previous versions of Mathematica
You may access the latest versions from UCSB Box (
*For assistance with finding your MathID, please go here:


What Is Mathematica?

Using Mathematica