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Utilizing Multiple Cores on our Compute Servers

If there are any packages that installed would benefit all users please click here and let me know the package name and I'll install it on all of our compute servers.

Using Jupyter Notebook on Denali thru SSH

In the below instructions I'm going to walk you through piping your Jupyter Notebook on Denali through ssh to your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone web browser.

  • Using a terminal program on a mac/linux or putty on windows enter the following: ssh -L 8888:localhost:8888 (your username)
  • A login on Denali will pop up asking you for your password after you put your password and logging into your account at the prompt type the following: jupyter-notebook
  • The above command will launch your instence of jupyter-notebook and it's 'w3m' interface. Now simply press the 'q' key to exit out of 'w3m' interface
  • Once 'w3m' quits. You will see the url you need to copy and paste into your local browser URL window. Copy and paste that URL in your local browser and you be in your instance of Jupyter Notebook.

Once the above is done you will be in your Jupyter Notebook working out of your home directory on Denali.