Actuaries in the News

07/12/2019 Interview with Professor Ian Duncan: Teaching Actuarial Science - Professor Talk

Interview with Daniel Rondon, Class 2019

2/11/2019 CAS Volunteer Awards Joshua Taub ’04 receives CAS Volunteer Awards

1/7/2019 Meet CAS Vice President-International Roger Hayne

12/14/2018 Great Odds - Dr. Feldman featured in The Current! 

12/12/2018 UCSB The Current article about our combined BS/MS in Actuarial Science program

4/2017 SOA Newsletter highlights UCSB Actuarial Program and CASS 2017!

3/2017 Loren Nickel, Class 1996, Director of Business Risk and Insurance at Google, is the 2017 RIMS Risk Manager of the year

8/17/2016 UCSB Current article about our Actuarial Program

7/2/2016 Read about our program in the issue of the Actuarial Review!

Congratulations to Dr. Roger Hayne, elected as Vice President of the CAS International!

5/2016 UCSB Actuarial Program ranked #1 in the nation by the Online Accounting Degrees

Interview with Professor Ian Duncan (pp. 56-61).

11/10/2015 New York Times quotes Professor Ian Duncan

04/16-2015 Career Cast: Actuary ranked the best job in 2015

1/2015 The Future Actuary: Summer Internship in Health Care, by Annie Dong, Class 2016

11/2014 Contingencies: The Health Actuary of the Future by Prof. Ian Duncan, FSA

4/2/2014 SOA Webcast: Start Your Career. Among presenters: Prof. Ian Duncan, FSA, and Michael Adams, Class 2012.

Read about ARC 2014 at UCSB: Coaching Actuaries BlogUCSB CurrentNoozhawk

6/13/2014 Forbes: Actuary tops the list of the 12 best jobs for women in 2014

2/2014 The Stepping Stone: Start Your Actuarial Career on the Right Foot by Michael Adams, Class 2012

06/05/2014 UCSB Current article about our Actuarial Program

12/25/2013 Politico quotes PSTAT Professor Ian Duncan, FSA

04/25/2013 CNNMoney: The best job you never thought of

04/22/2013 Wall Street Journal: Actuary is the best job in the 2013 rankings by more

09/22/2012 AP quotes UCSB Professor Ian Duncan, FSA

12/2010, The Actuary, p.13, quotes Joe Feinberg, Class 2010

08/31/2012, Yahoo!Finance, The best job opportunities of the future? Actuary is listed number one

04/10/2012 Wall Street Journal: Actuary is the second best job in the 2012 rankings by

11/11/2011 WSJ: Actuarial Science -- 0% Unemployment

11/09/2011 Huffington Post: The 14 Most Employable Majors. Actuarial Science tops the list

Alumni, Joseph Feinberg talks about his experience with meeting SOA (page 13)

09/13/2010 WSJ: A Career in Finance/Insurance

03/19/2010 Wall Street Journal: A Hot Job for Hard Times: The Life-Insurance Agent

01/05/2010 Wall Street Journal: actuary is the top job in the 2010 Rankings by JobsRated