Transfer Student Guidelines

Guidelines for transfer students interested in actuarial science major

Actuarial Science is a VERY demanding and difficult major.

A typical transfer student spends two years in a junior college and then transfers to UCSB. To graduate on time, in the junior college:

  • Complete as many of the lower division courses as possible:
    • math: calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, and multivariate calculus (UCSB equivalent of Math 3AB, Math 4AB, Math 6AB)
    • computer science: CS8 and CS16 equivalent (Python and C)
    • economics: microeconomics (UCSB equivalent of Econ 1)
    • writing: UCSB equivalent of Writing 2 (if needed)
  • Take general electives, if possible, that develop your communication skills, e.g., theater courses focusing on spontaneous speech, body language, etc.
  • Take an Excel class if offered.

When admitted to UCSB, we strongly recommend to take PSTAT 120A (at UCSB) in the summer before joining the program.

The best option is to take the PSTAT 120 AB sequence in summer sessions A & B and actuarial exam P in September or November. This significantly increases your chances to land an actuarial summer internship for next summer.

If moving to Santa Barbara in the summer is not an option for you, in summer session B, we offer PSTAT W 120A, an online version of PSTAT 120A.

Finally, all students must meet with a faculty advisor to discuss career opportunities and upper-division course electives.