Advancing to Graduate Status

Advancing to Graduate Status for Pre-Admitted Students

No later than the Fall quarter of their 5th year, Pre-admitted students ready to advance to graduate status should contact the PSTAT Graduate Program Assistant ( for instructions on completing the Advancement Request Memo with the Graduate Division.

Once you have been pre-admitted on the departmental level, you must fulfill university graduate program application requirements in order to be officially admitted to the program. You will be prompted by graduate division to fill out the online graduate program application (Eapp) once you are ready to advance to graduate status. Please do not fill out an application until you have been prompted. Students applying to 5-year programs do not need to pay the Graduate Division's application fee. In order to submit the application, please click on the "Payment by Check/Money Order" option.

Application Procedures

Online UCSB Application (eapp)

Students will be prompted by Graduate Division to fill out the online Eapp. 5-year BS/MS students do not need to pay for Graduate Division's application fee; students should select "Payment by Check/Money Order" for the payment method and then email that they have completed the application. At this point Graduate Division will go in and manually release your application to the Department for review.

Prompts & Supplemental Documents

Students must upload the Statement of Purpose, Personal Achievements/Contributiions, and Resume or CV

GRE Scores

GRE scores are no longer required for this program.

Letters of Recommendation

Please request that your recommenders email your Letter of Recommendation directly to the graduate program assistant at to be manually attached to your Eapp. Please enter the recommenders into your application, but do not actually send out the requests to them. The letters will be manually uploaded to your application by the department.

Education History and Transcripts

Students must fill in their educational history and provide all post-secondary transcripts, including UCSB; students may upload an unofficial UCSB transcript.

Application Submission and Program Acceptance

Once you have submitted your official UCSB application (eapp), Email to notify them of your submission. Copy (CC) the departmental Graduate Program Assistant at on your email.

At this point, you will need to follow all prompts initiated by graduate division in order to advance to graduate status, just as any other graduate student. This includes accepting the official offer of admission by graduate division and submitting your SIR.

Deadlines for submitting the completed online application (eapp)

  • To advance to graduate status in Fall quarter of the NEXT academic year: MAY 1ST
  • To advance to graduate status in Winter quarter of the SAME academic year: NOVEMBER 1ST
  • To advance to graduate status in Spring quarter of the SAME academic year: FEBRUARY 1ST