Dear students, 


Welcome (back) to the department of Statistics and Applied Probability, and congratulations on your acceptance to join our department at UCSB! I would like to greet all of you on behalf of our department faculty and staff.  


This is an excellent time of learning Actuarial Science, Data Science, Probability, Statistics and related fields. In the last academic year 2021-2022 about 400 undergraduate students received their degrees successfully in one of our three undergraduate programs (Statistics and Data Science, Actuarial Science, Financial Mathematics and Statistics, by the way, this number 400 degrees is five times more than the number ten years ago). In our department we have a vibrant group of faculty who conduct cutting edge research with grants funded by National Science Foundation and National Institute of Health as well as with external funding from company and private philanthropy, and also thrive in the broad range of statistics education, collaborating with the Computer Science, Economics, Mathematics and the other departments on campus. 


The research interests of our faculty can be found at https://www.pstat.ucsb.edu/about/research/faculty in our department website. Our Actuarial Science program has been recognized as a Center of Actuarial Excellence by the Society of Actuaries, and Professor Gareth Peters has joined us as the Janet and Ian Duncan Endowed Chair of Actuarial Science since last year. Our department hosts the Center for Financial Mathematics and Actuarial Research (CFMAR, co-Directors: Professors Jean-Pierre Fouque and Michael Ludkovski) and the Data Science Consulting Laboratory (Director: Professor Alexander Franks). Many of our faculty have participated in the Data Science Initiative on campus. I hope you seize and enjoy the learning opportunity, building up the network and community.  


During your studies, please consider extracurricular activities such as student clubs (Actuarial Association, Data Science Club, Female Actuarial Association, Financial Analysis and Management Education), undergraduate research (Data Science capstone projects, research projects in Actuarial Science, CFMAR undergraduate lab, independent study), UCSB workstudy program, undergraduate learning assistance opportunities and internship opportunities. This summer 2022 I heard many interesting internship experiences from our community, and we expect to hear more success stories this academic year 2022-2023!  


Welcome, and I look forward to meeting you.   


Best regards, 

Tomoyuki Ichiba, 

Professor and Department Chair 

September 2022