The Department of Statistics and Applied Probability is dedicated to the following:


  1. The coordination and consolidation of statistics courses on the UCSB campus, together with the other departments involved in statistical teaching;
  2. The extension and improvement of the graduate program in statistics and applied probability;
  3. The formalization and broadening of the existing Statistical Consulting Laboratory; and
  4. The encouragement of research activities, in part through the implementation of an active colloquium series and visitors program


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At its core, our department views diversity and inclusion as critical within our mission to educate and prepare the future workforce of data scientists and quantitative thinkers. Increasing diversity across our field is essential in creating more productive, representative, and enriching outcomes as well as innovative solutions to critical problems. We recognize that historically, the job markets and academic communities in statistical theory and methods, financial mathematics, and actuarial science have been weighted toward racial, gender, and socioeconomically privileged communities. We are dedicated to correcting this imbalance in our own community.