The major research areas of our department can be divided into theoretical statistics and statistical methodology, applied statistics, and probability. Our faculty members are actively engaged in interdisciplinary research in such areas as mathematics, computer science, biostatistics, environmental sciences, and financial mathematics and statistics. These dynamic interactions with researchers in other disciplines are both personal, through joint projects supported by the NSF, NIH, and other government agencies, and through the activities of the DataLab situated in the Department.

The Department also hosts Center for Financial Mathematics and Actuarial Research (CFMAR) which provides national and international leadership in quantitative finance. Its research activities are directed toward study of financial markets, asset prices, risk management, investment strategies, derivatives pricing and hedging, and systemic risk among other topics.

Our faculty's applied statistics research spans a wide range of fields including environmental sciences, different biological and biomedical fields, population genetics, and finance.


Research Areas of Special Emphasis

Theoretical Statistics and Statistical Methodology

  • Bayesian inference & computational methods

  • Bayesian networks

  • Resampling techniques

  • Directional data analysis

  • Functional data analysis

  • Data mining

  • Computational statistics

  • Nonparametric inference

  • Asymptotic statistical methods

  • Linear models and generalized linear models

  • Smoothing spline methods

  • Time series and spatial/temporal data models

  • Mixed effects models


  • Stochastic processes

  • Stochastic control

  • Sequential detection

  • Interacting particle systems

Financial Mathematics

  • Systemic risk in financial market

  • Stochastic games

  • Stochastic portfolio theory

  • Stochastic volatility modeling

  • Risk management and Actuarial Applications

Applied Statistics

  • Environmental statistics

  • Ecological statistics

  • Geophysical statistics

  • Statistical education

  • Image data analysis

  • Spatial statistics


  • Survival analysis

  • Clinical trials

  • Longitudinal data analysis

  • Bayesian methods for Biosurveillance

  • Stochastic modeling of biomedical events