Annual Sobel Lecture

Annual Sobel Seminar May 1, 2024

David Dunson (Duke University Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of Statistical Science) 

Improving understanding of life on earth through novel data and statistics

Annual Sobel Seminar Oct 12,2022

Xiao-Li Meng (Whipple V. N. Jones Professor of Statistics at Harvard University)

Statistical Learning with Low-resolution Information: There is No Free Lunch

Annual Sobel Seminar May 19,2021

Rebecca Willett (Professor of Statistics and Computer Science, University of Chicago)

Machine Learning and Inverse Problems: Deeper and More Robust

Annual Sobel Seminar May 22,2019

Trevor Hastie (The John A. Overdeck Professor, Professor of Statistics, Professor of biomedical Data Science, Stanford University)

Statistical Learning with Sparsity

Annual Sobel Seminar May 9,2018

Professor Marc Suchard (UCLA Departments of Biomathematics, Biostatistics and Human Genetics)

Scalable inference for infectious disease dynamics

Annual Sobel Seminar May 10,2017

Professor Bin Yu (UC Berkeley, Department of Statistics, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences).

Three principles of data science: predictability, stability, and computability

13th Annual Sobel Seminar May 18, 2016

Dr. Emmanuel Candes (Stanford University)

Around the Reproducibility of Scientific Research in the Big Data Era: The Knockoff Filter

12th Annual Sobel Seminar April 22, 2015

Barry Arnold (UC Riverside)

Some Alternatives to the Classical Multivariate Normal Model

11th Annual Sobel Seminar April 16, 2014

Hans Mueller (UC Davis)

10th Annual Sobel Seminar May 7, 2013

Peter Hall (University of Melbourne & UC Davis)

Nonparametric Methods for Estimating Periodic Functions, with Applications in Astronomy

9th Annual Sobel Seminar May 9, 2012

David Aldous (UC Berkeley) Reflections on devising a "Probability in the Real World" course

5th Annual Sobel Seminar April 30, 2008

Michael Newton (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Dirichlet orderings, differential expression, and gene sets (pdf)

4th Annual Sobel Seminar May 23, 2007

Scott Zeger (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health) Micronutrient Supplementation, Birth Weight and Infant Mortality; On Estimation of Percentile-Specific, Mediated Intervention Effects (pdf)

3rd Annual Sobel Seminar March 15, 2006

Raymond Carroll (Texas A & M University) Semiparametric methods for gene-environment case-control studies (pdf1) (pdf2)

2nd Annual Sobel Seminar April 19, 2005

Elizabeth Thompson (University of Washington, Seattle) Fuzzy p-values in the detection of genetic linkage (pdf)

1st Annual Sobel Seminar April 20, 2004

Rudy Beran (UC Davis) Beyond ANOVA: Superefficient Fits to Discrete Multi-way Layouts