30th Conference on Stochastic Processes and their Applications

Event Date: 

Tuesday, June 26, 2007 to Sunday, July 1, 2007

30th Conference on Stochastic Processes and their Applications

Sponsored by:

Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability

Institute of Mathematical Statistics (co-sponsoring)

National Science Foundation

The USA Army Research Office

Elsevier Publishing Company

College of Letters and Science (UCSB)

Division of Mathematical, Life and Physical Sciences (UCSB)

Department of Statistics and Applied Probability (UCSB)

Department of Mathematics (UCSB) Department of Economics (UCSB)

Scientific Program Committee

Robert Adler (Israel)

David Aldous (USA)

Guillaume Bonnet (USA)

Jennifer Chayes (USA)

Don Dawson (Canada)

Rick Durrett (USA)

Raya Feldman (USA, Chair)

Klaus Fleischmann (Germany)

Tadahisa Funaki (Japan)

Paul Glasserman (USA)

Olle Haggstrom (Sweden)

Thomas Mikosch (Denmark)

Philip K. Pollett (Australia)

Wendelin Werner (France)

Ruth Williams (USA)

Local Organizing Committee

Jaya Bishwal

Guillaume Bonnet

Janos Englander

Raya Feldman (Chair)

Special thanks to

UCSB Conference Center, in particular Sally Vito, Miki Swick, Joe Allegretti

Claudia Carlson and Mrs. Denna Zamarron (administrative assistance)

Hoon Rhew and Eduardo Montoya (technical assistance)