Seminar - Professor Annie Qu (UCI)

Event Date: 

Wednesday, May 31, 2023 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm

Event Location: 

  • HSSB 1174
  • Department Seminar

Crowdsourcing Utilizing Subgroup Structure of Latent Factor Modeling

Professor Annie Qu
University of California, Irvine

Crowdsourcing has emerged as an alternative solution for collecting large scale labels. However, the majority of recruited workers are not domain experts, so their contributed labels could be noisy. In this paper, we propose a two-stage model to predict the true labels for multicategory classification tasks in crowdsourcing. In the first stage, we fit the observed labels with a latent factor model and incorporate subgroup structures for both tasks and workers through a multi-centroid grouping penalty. Group-specific rotations are introduced to align workers with different task categories to solve multicategory crowdsourcing tasks. In the second stage, we propose a concordance-based approach to identify high-quality worker subgroups who are relied upon to assign labels to tasks. In theory, we show the estimation consistency of the latent factors and the prediction consistency of the proposed method. The simulation studies show that the proposed method outperforms the existing competitive methods, assuming the subgroup structures within tasks and workers. We also demonstrate the application of the proposed method to real world problems and show its superiority.

Speaker Bio:,
Annie Qu
Chancellor’s Professor, Department of Statistics,
University of California Irvine
Ph.D., Statistics, the Pennsylvania State University

Qu’s research focuses on solving fundamental issues regarding structured and unstructured large- scale data, and developing cutting-edge statistical methods and theory in machine learning and algorithms on personalized medicine, text mining, recommender systems, medical imaging data and network data analyses for complex heterogeneous data. The newly developed methods are able to extract essential and relevant information from large volume high-dimensional data. Her research has impacts in many fields such as biomedical studies, genomic research, public health research, social and political sciences. Before she joins the UC Irvine, Dr. Qu is Data Science Founder Professor of Statistics, and the Director of the Illinois Statistics Office at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She was awarded as Brad and Karen Smith Professorial Scholar by the College of LAS at UIUC, a recipient of the NSF Career award in 2004-2009. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, a Fellow of the American Statistical Association, and a Fellow of American Association for the Advancement of Science. She is also a recipient of Medallion Award and Lecturer. She is JASA Theory and Methods co-editor in 2023-2025.