Seminar - Yidan Sun

Event Date: 

Wednesday, January 6, 2021 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm

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  • Zoom Meeting

Title: Bipartite Tight Spectral Clustering (BiTSC) Algorithm for Identifying Conserved Gene Co-clusters in Two Species


Gene clustering is a widely-used technique that has enabled computational prediction of unknown gene functions within a species. However, it remains a challenge to refine gene function prediction by leveraging evolutionarily conserved genes in another species. This challenge calls for a new computational algorithm to identify gene co-clusters in two species so that genes in each co-cluster exhibit similar expression levels in each species and strong conservation between the species. Here we develop the bipartite tight spectral clustering (BiTSC) algorithm, which identifies gene co-clusters in two species based on gene orthology information and gene expression data. BiTSC employs a novel formulation that encodes gene orthology as a bipartite network and gene expression data as node covariates. This formulation allows BiTSC to adopt and combine the advantages of multiple unsupervised learning techniques: kernel enhancement, bipartite spectral clustering, consensus clustering, tight clustering, and hierarchical clustering. As a result, BiTSC is a flexible and robust algorithm capable of identifying informative gene co-clusters without forcing all genes into co-clusters.
Yidan Sun is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Statistics at UCLA, advised by Prof. Jingyi Jessica Li. She will join UCSB PSTAT as a visiting faculty in March. She obtained a B.S. degree in Mathemt from Wuhan University. Her research area focuses on bipartite network clustering in computational biology.
Yidan Sun