Professor Mike Ludkovski awarded NSF S-Stem Program Grant

Award Recipient: 

Mike Ludkovski

Award Date: 

Thursday, September 8, 2022
Pacific Alliance for Low-Income Inclusion in Statistics and Data Science (PALiISaDS) (Lead PI: Professor Mike Ludkovski) has been awarded by NSF Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Program (NSF S-Stem). The project will last through 2028 and has a $5M total budget. PALiISaDS will create a consortium of 7 institutions (UCI, UCSB, UW, CSUEB, CSUMB, CPSLO, SDSU), providing a total of 300 scholarships for several cohorts of low-income students majoring in Statistics or Data Science at the Alliance institutions over 6 years of the project. Besides financial support, PALiISaDS scholars will engage in cohort-building activities, get access to research internship opportunities, and help with preparing to and applying to graduate schools. PALiISaDS scholars will be paired with graduate student mentors from other campuses, and also have a faculty mentor to have regular direct contact with Statistics and Data Science researchers and role models.