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Interviews: Perspectives from our Alumni  


Javier Zapata (Data Scientist, Wells Fargo; PhD Statistics 2021) talks about his experience at UCSB.

#GradStories: Javier Zapata from UCSBGradDiv on Vimeo.

Nicole Ifill (Deputy Director, Data at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; MA Statistics 2008) talks about her experience at UCSB

Profiles of Success: Nicole Ifill MA '08 // STATISTICS from UCSBGradDiv on Vimeo.



Welcome UCSB Statistics and Applied Probability Alumni!

We often talk about our past students and wonder what you are all doing these days. We would also like to help you to keep in touch with each other. That is why we are establishing an alumni directory. If you would like us to link to your professional web page, please contact us with the details.







Recent PhD. Alumni 

Format: Name, Year Graduated, Occupation, Location

Hao Dong, 2022, Research Data Scientist at Meta, Newark, California

Chao Zhang, 2022, Quantitative Analyst at Bloomberg LP, New York, New York

Yuanbo Wang, 2022, Data Scientist at Intel, San Diego, California

Andrea Angiuli, 2021, Research Scientist at Amazon, Seattle, Washington

Franky Meng, 2021, Quantitative Researcher at Bank of America, New York, New York

Javier Zapata Ramirez, 2021, Quantitative Research Specialist II at Wells Fargo, Charlotte, North Carolina

Nhan Huynh, 2021, Research Analyst at Santa Barbara Actuaries, Goleta, California

Nicole Yang, 2021, Quantitative Strategist at Morgan Stanley & Visiting Assistant Professor at Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia

Xi Liu, 2021, Data Analyst at Amazon, Seattle, Washington

Qianyu Jin, 2020, Associate at JPMorgan Chase & Co., New York

Sarah Marquis, 2020, Research Data Scientist at Modulus Outcomes, Boston, Massachusetts

Victoria Lyu, 2020, Senior Software Engineer at Google, Mountain View, California

Xiong Lyu, 2020, Software Engineer at Google, California

Zachary Terner, 2020, Senior Data Scientist at MITRE, Washington D.C., Virginia

Zhipu Zhou, 2020, Senior Quantitative Analytics Specialist at Wells Fargo, Charlotte, North Carolina

Aditya Maheshwari, 2019, Applied Scientist at Amazon, Seattle, Washington

Bret Holladay, 2019, Statistics Assistant Professor at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo

Brian Wainwright, 2019, Lecturer at UCSB, Santa Barbara, California

Jinwen Qui, 2019, Associate Graduate Faculty at the School of Data Science at UNC Charlotte, North Carolina

Zhaoyu Zhang, 2019, Mathematics Assistant Professor at University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Liangchen Li, 2018, VP and Quantitative Researcher at JP Morgan, New York, New York

Anna Luo, 2018, Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Pinterest, Seattle, Washington

Changwei Xu, 2018, Quantitative Researcher at Two Sigma, New York, New York

Danqing Xu, 2018, Senior Manager of Statistics at AbbVie, Santa Clara, California

Ruimeng Hu, 2018, Assistant Professor at UCSB, Santa Barbara, California

Runfei Luo, 2018, Applied Scientist at Amazon Web Services, Washington

Sergio Rodriguez Hernandez, 2018, Applied Scientist at Amazon, Seattle, Washington

Wenlong Luo, 2018, Data Scientist at Google, San Jose, California

Ya Luo, 2018, Principal Biostatistician at Novartis, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Jian Shi, 2017, Applied Scientist at Amazon, Sunnyvale, California

Jimmy Risk 2017, Assistant Professor at Cal Poly Pomona, Pomona, California

Katherine Shatskikh, 2017, Visiting Assistant Professor at UCSB, Goleta, California

Ling Zhu, 2017, Biostatistician at Biogen, Boston, Massachusetts

Yuqi Chen, 2016, Biostatistics Senior Manager at Amgen, Thousand Oaks, California

Chi-Yang Chiu, 2015, Assistant Professor at The University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, Tennessee

Chu Fang, 2015, Principal Statistician at UCLA, Los Angeles, California

Jacob Serup, 2015, Founder of Axio Inc., Frederiksberg, Capital Region, Denmark

Junjing Lin, 2015, Associate Director at Takeda Oncology, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Kyle Bechler, 2015, Director & Data Scientist at CBRE, Santa Barbara, California

Yi-Tai, Chiu, 2015, Vice President & Sr. Quantitative Financial Analyst at Bank of America, Los Angeles, California

Chunhsiung Lu, 2014,Senior Manager, Quant/Data Scientist, Washington D.C.

Daniel Sheinson, 2014, Principal Data Scientist at GenenTech, San Francisco, California

Elvynna Leong, 2014, Assistant Professor at Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Brunei

Julie Swenson, 2014, Lecturer at UCSB, Goleta, CA

Li-Hsien Sun, 2014, Associate Professor at National Central University in Taiwan, Taipei City, Taiwan

Yuri Fahham Saporito, 2014, Assistant Professor at the Applied Mathematics Department (EMAp) at FGV, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Bin Ren, 2013, Machine Learning Engineer at Indeed, Mountain View, California

Chunkai Gao, 2013, Vice President & Quantitative Analyst at Barclays, New York, New York

Varvara Kulikova, 2013, Head of Model Risk Management Group at City National Bank, Manhattan Beach, California

Hamid Ghofrani, 2012, Principal Data Scientist at Ultimate Kronos Group, United States

Qunying Shen, 2012, Lead Modeler at RMS, Union City, California

Raj Sau, 2012, Quantitative Finance Analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Jersey City, New Jersey

Junqing Wu, 2011, Senior Director of Data Science at Albertsons Companies, Washington D.C.

Winslow Strong, 2011, Member on Board of Directors in Qualia Research Institute, Ensenada, Rincón, Puerto Rico

Yan Xu, 2011, Head of Macroeconomic Scenario Production at Bank of America, State College, Pennsylvania

Richard Harang, 2010, Principal Security Architect at NVIDIA, Alexandria, Virginia

Roberto Rivera, 2010, Professor at University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

Brian Wignall, 2009, Chief Investment Officer at Acrisure Capital Management, New York, New York

Eduardo Montoya, 2009, Statistics Professor at California State University, Bakersfield, Bakersfield, California

Eli Kollman, 2009, Data Science Manager at Stripe, San Francisco, California

Marick Sinay, 2009, VP Head of Data Science and Analytics at One, Los Angeles, California

Yihua, Jiang, 2009, Senior Data Scientist at Netflix, San Francisco, California

Dezhong Wang, 2007, Quantitative Analyst in Sabrient Systems, Goleta, California

Alexander Villacorta, 2006, Co-Founder, Data & Analytics Executive and Scientist at ResiShares, Boulder, California

Jiacheng Yuan, 2006, Director of Biostatistics at Allergen, Irvine, California

Muhammad Siddiqi, 2006, Associate Director (Biostatistics) at Parexel, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Samuel Frame, 2006, Statistics Professor at CalPoly Slo, San Luis Obispo, California

Xiaofang Lei, 2006, Senior Biostatistician at Allergan, Irvine, California

Mohit Dayal, 2003, Managing Director and Financial Economist at FINRA, Brooklyn, New York

Tatiana Khariton, 2003, Director of Pharmacometrics and Clinical Pharmacology at BioCryst, Pharmaceuticals, Sarasota, Florida

Anna Valeva, 2002, Associate Professor at Western Illinois University, Macomb, Illinois

Huaxin You, 2002, Associate Director, Communications Advanced Analytics at Bristol-Myers Squibb, New York, New York

Chunlei Ke, 2000, VP of Biostatistics at Apellis Pharmaceuticals

Peter Karcher, 2000, Lead Data Scientist and Product Owner of EnBW-DataLab, Chief Data Scientist at Sandy Energized Analytics, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

Suddhasatta Acharyya, 2000, Director of Biostatistics at Daiichi Sankyo Inc., New York, New York

Dongfeng Wu, 1999, Professor at University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky

Zheng Wang, 1998, MD, Client Insights and Analytics, Wealth Management at Guotai Junan Securities Co., Ltd, New York, New York

Norbert Schumacher, 1997, Principal/Director at IRI, Chicago, Illinois

Vera Haynatzka, 1997, Director, Decision Sciences at FNBO, Omaha, Nebraska

Gleb Haynatzki, 1995, Professor at University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, Nebraska

Wei Liu, 1992, VP of Biometrics at Edwards Lifesciences, Irvine, California


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