Version : 6.0

Platforms : Windows

Mathematica integrates a numeric and symbolic computational engine, graphics system, programming language, documentation system, and advanced connectivity to other applications.

Wide Range of Uses

  • Handling complex symbolic calculations
  • Solving equations, differential equations, and minimization problems numerically or symbolically
  • Doing numerical modeling and simulations
  • Producing professional-quality, interactive technical reports or papers for electronic or print distribution
  • Giving technical presentations and seminars

Getting Mathematica

PSTAT contributes to a site license, so users can install copies and request licenses.


Requesting a License

Downloaded CD Image Instructions 
The .iso files are in the ISO disk image file format. To install the software from these images, either burn CD directly using your favorite CD burner software (Roxio Easy CD Creator or Nero is recommended for Windows, GnomeBaker or K3b for Linux) or use an ISO CD Image mounting program such as WinImage ( to extract the files directly.

Contact the Software Depot to get your instructions to generate a mathematica license key.

Please e-mail your request to:


What Is Mathematica?

On-line manual (Full documentation set) in html format