Lab Use & Accounts


Requesting an Account

To get an account, one needs to submit an application to the main office.

Managing your account

To manage your email account, including: setting vacation message, managing server-side filtering and changing your email account password, refer to E-mail section. For accessing your webmail go here:

Guideline for choosing a password

Use at least eight characters Make your password easy to remember but hard for others to guess Always use mixture of upper and lower case and change your password regularly.

Changing your account password:

Click here – Go to “Change PSTAT Mail Password” in the right menu.

Responsible use 

  • Please keep your userid and password secret. Avoid sharing with others.
  • Access only information that is your own, that is publicly available, or to which you have been given authorized access.
  • Be considerate in your use of shared resources.
  • Do not attempt to install programs on the computers in the lab.
  • Contact for requesting to install a new software.
  • You must agree and sign the departments acceptable use policy for our network, before being allowed to access it.

Account basics

Everyone in the Statistics department has one system account. Your account provides you with pstat file server and email access. It allows ssh connections to the cluster as well – see Cluster access.

Windows Workstations

Once you are logged in, a prompt will ask if you would like to mount your home directory. You can store PSTAT-related documents to this space, which are backed-up nightly. You simply enter your PSTAT account login (same as email login) and your home drive will be mounted to drive H: in Windows. Just clicking “Submit” will skip this step.

Drive M:

Drive “M” found on the Windows workstations is a “Safe-zone” designed to share files or facilitate extended storage for more than a day. These items will not be erased when the machine reboots, which takes place nightly. All other documents saved to the desktop or elsewhere are not preserved, however.

Remember to log out of Windows when you're done, or drive H: will still point to your files!


All black & white documents can be retrieved in the mail room by default.

From Windows Machines:

If you want to make a color print in the Windows environment, it is possible at the PC right next to the color printer and the PC with the scanner in the computer lab. If you want to make color print in your PC, ask help at

Various Printing Options 
Check various Printing options. Get your prints in the way exactly you want, reduce your binder volume, save papers, and save the earth!!!!

From LINUX machines:

Use a the print command such as “enscript” or “lpr”.

If you need help, please email at