Alexander Petersen

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Assistant Professor

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2010, Arizona State University, B.S. (Mathematics)

2016, University of California, Davis, M.S. and Ph.D. (Statistics)


"Next-Generation" Functional Data; Object-Oriented Data Analysis (Random Objects); Neuroimaging Analysis; Functional Connectivity in the Brain; Nonlinear Methods; Nonparametric Statistics


Recent Publications

  • Petersen, A. and Müller, H.G. Fréchet regression for random objects with Euclidean predictors. (Annals of Statistics, forthcoming)
  • Petersen, A., Zhao, J., Carmichael, O. and Müller, H.G. (2016). Quantifying individual brain connectivity with functional principal components for networks. Brain Connectivity, 6(7), 540-547.
  • Petersen, A. and Müller, H.G. Fréchet integration and adaptive metric selection for interpretable covariances of multivariate functional data (2016). Biometrika, 103(1), 103-120.
  • Petersen, A. and Müller, H.G. Functional data analysis for density functions by transformation to a Hilbert space (2016). Annals of Statistics, 44(1), 183-218.


Current Courses

  • PSTAT 126 - Regression Analysis
  • PSTAT 227 - Bootstrap and Resampling Methodology

Past Courses

  • PSTAT 126 - Regression Analysis
  • PSTAT 127 - Advanced Statistical Models
  • PSTAT 262FR - Special Topics in Functional Data Analysis
  • PSTAT 207ABC - Statistical Theory