Teaching Resources

Assessment Resource Tools for Improving Statistical Thinking (ARTIST)

Contains a variety of assessment resources for teaching first courses in Statistics.

Instructional Services Provided by UCSB

Teaching Assistant Development Program (TADP) Provided for all UCSB TA’s

  • TA Handbook: Includes tips on teaching, campus resources for teaching, referral guide for distressed students, how to deal with cheating and more.
  • International TA Handbook
  • Teaching Tips: Effective questioning, recommendations for first time TA’s, encouraging participation in the classroom and more.
  • TA Instructional Grants: For TA’s who develop materials or procedures, which will improve the quality of instruction in undergraduate courses and to provide applicants with experience with developing those materials or procedures.
  • Taping and Consultation for TA’s, Teaching Associates, and Faculty: You can schedule your videotaping and consultation here, plus there is more information on how to use this service.
  • TA Departmental Training Grants
  • Developing a Teaching Portfolio

Instructional Computing (IC)

"Instructional Computing is the principal provider of academic computing services to the campus. For students we offer a number of instructional and open access computing labs for coursework applications and general access drop-in use. Additionally, we offer free software workshops, a web-based software help guide, and free email and web publishing accounts

For both staff and faculty we offer software training classes through our Training and Development program; the Software Depot, a one-stop shop for software available at a discount to the campus community; and a web-based software help guide, providing quick reference information for a variety of popular applications."

Instructional Resources

"Instructional Resources (IR) is a comprehensive service organization that supports faculty efforts to enhance instruction through the use of educational technologies. Our primary mission is to ensure that faculty are familiar with potential applications of existing and emerging technologies, and to provide the necessary technical support to incorporate instructional equipment and materials into the classroom.

Instructional Resources is committed to enhancing education in the classroom, laboratory, and study environments. This goal is achieved through the three divisions of IR: Classroom Services, Production Services, and Technical Services.

According to campus policy P-1205, "the first priority for the assignment of Instructional Development equipment, facilities, and services is to support instruction on the UCSB campus. As funding permits, Instructional Development will provide service at no charge to campus academic departments during the regular academic year in order to:

  • Support any course in the location listed in the current UCSB schedule of classes, or
  • Prepare for any course listed in the current General Catalog which will be offered within one academic year.

Instructional Resources also provides a wide range of production, presentation, and engineering services on a cost recovery basis."

Campus Learning Assistance Services (CLAS)

"UCSB Campus Learning Assistance Services (CLAS) offers a wide range of tutorial and academic skills programs designed to assist students in attaining mastery of their university course material. CLAS has a strong student-centered orientation. The majority of tutors and counselors working at CLAS are themselves students who excel in one or more academic disciplines, and who enjoy helping and mentoring others."