TA Training

TA Training Program (PSTAT 501)

The Teaching Assistant Training Program in the UCSB Statistics Department aims to provide immediate help to all new and continuing TAs before they start teaching in the Fall quarter. Training continues into the Winter quarter and support is provided throughout the year.

Program requirements:

  • Attendance at all TA training sessions, which will be held during Fall quarter. In the event of a TA missing a training session, a written assignment must be completed instead.
  • One essay on either university and statistics education or differing learning styles and how they apply to classroom learning to be completed during the Fall Quarter
  • Classroom evaluation by the Lead TA and/or Faculty Coordinator
  • Completion of Online TA Training Modules, including Sexual Harassment Certification Program
  • Submission of a Teaching Portfolio, which includes lesson plans, self evaluations of discussion section, proof of video consultation, TA training essay, and all other materials covered over the two quarters

Sample of TA Training Sessions: 

  1. New TA Orientation and Workshop
  2. TAing for a Large Class, Writing Effective Lesson Plans
  3. Conflict Management
  4. Microteaching
  5. Online TA Training Modules Presentations
  6. First Year Experience Presentation
  7. Teaching and Learning Styles
  8.  Academic and Workplace Bullying
  9. Learning Styles Presentations
  10. Responding to Distressed Students
  11. Microteaching