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Career Services, UCSB

Career Services has a separate part of the website dedicated to graduate students that can be found here.There is also information regarding what to do for an academic job search versus a non-academic job search. This part of the website has links for jobs specifically in the Mathematics, Statistics, & Physics Physical Disciplines, and can be found here.

Statistics Department, UCSB

Please visit the Job Lists web page

Statistics Job Announcements (academic)
Statistics Job Announcements (nonacademic)

Other Helpful Resources

Tips for the Job Search: Applying for Academic and Postdoctoral Positions” This article outlines the procedures necessary when looking for an academic job.

Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement” This article addresses, in detail, how to write a teaching philosophy statement, which is necessary for academic job applications.

Job in academia vs. job in financial industry

How to write your first paper

November 2007 Sloan Career Cornerstone News review of job hunting for new college graduates

This Google website has listings for statistics-related jobs

Chronicle Careers Home: News and advice for the academic professional and job seeker

Careers Helper: A careers and occupations resource directory Careers in Mathematics

US Government Positions you can search by keyword and location

DATA and IT Jobs

Math Jobs you can search by category and country

SAS and Analytical Careers and Contracts

Data Shaping Solutions - Statistics Job Board