BS in Statistical Science - Probability and Statistics

Probability and Statistics Track

The Probability and Statistics concentration mainly attracts students interested in pursuing a doctorate degree in Statistcs or other scientific fileds.


Requirements for the Probability and Statistics concentration include:

  • PSTAT 160A-B (a continuation of PSTAT 120A), which is one of the most advanced upper division courses offered by the Department. The sequence PSTAT 120A and 160A-B begins with the basics of probability theory and leads to Markov chains, random walks, Brownian motion, their simulation, and applications in financial mathematics.
  • 16 elective units; students are advised to enroll in Math 117 and Math 118A-B-C as electives.

Recommended Preparation

High school students interested in this program are recommended the following preparation for this major:

  • two years of algebra
  • courses in plane geometry and trigonometry

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