Seminar - Maria van der Walt

Event Date: 

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm

Event Location: 

  • HSSB 1174

Title: A Deep Learning Approach to Diabetic Blood Glucose Prediction


We consider the question of developing a deep learning algorithm for predicting a patient's blood glucose levels. More precisely, suppose that we are given estimates of a patient's past blood glucose concentrations. Our goal then is to use these past measurements to predict the patient's blood glucose concentration sometime in the future. The highlights of our discussion will include the design of the algorithm and numerical results that demonstrate how deep learning can outperform shallow networks in this application. This is joint work with Hrushikesh Mhaskar and Sergei Pereverzyev.


Maria van der Walt is an assistant professor in the Mathematics and Computer Science department at Westmont College. Prior to coming to Westmont College, she was a postdoctoral scholar at Vanderbilt University. Maria was born in South Africa and completed her undergraduate and Master’s degrees there, after which she obtained a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Missouri-St. Louis under the supervision of Charles Chui.


Maria van der Walt