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UCSB campus Undergraduate Program

Statistics is the study of numerical information or data. Statisticians determine what data to collect, how to collect it, then examine and interpret the resulting numbers. Their skills are vital in Business, Economics, Finance, Communications, Biology, Marketing, Sociology, Psychology, etc. The demand for statisticians has been high and continues to rise.

The Department of Statistics and Applied Probability offers a general B.A. in Statistics or a B.S. in two specialized subfields, (Applied Statistics or Probability & Statistics). You can also join a new B.S. in Actuarial Science, pursue a B.S. degree in Financial Mathematics and Statistics (FMS) or minor in Statistics.

The Actuarial Science and Financial Mathematics and Statistics degrees and an active Actuarial Association are what make our program so unique.

Careers for Numbers People: STEM, Silicon Valley & Beyond

April 16, 2015 Career Cast: Actuary ranked the best job and statistician ranked fourth, out of the top 200 jobs rated in 2015

August 8, 2014 Wall Street Journal: Statisticians, also known as data scientists, are highly sought after by everyone from banks to retailers to app developers reports Elizabeth Dwoskin of the WSJ

April 22, 2013 Wall Street Journal: Actuary is the best job in the 2013 rankings by, Financial Planner is #5

March 1, 2013 Wall Street Journal: should you get an MBA?

April 29, 2012 Wall Street Journal: According to McKinsey,  there is "a shortage of talent, particularly of people with deep expertise in statistics and machine learning, and the managers and analysts who know how to operate companies by using insights from Big Data."

April 10, 2012 Wall Street Journal: Actuary  is the second best job in the 2012 rankings by by

September 13, 2010 Wall Street Journal: A Career in Finance/Insurance

April 12, 2010 Wall Street Journal: Employers Seek Statistical Experts Over Computer-Science Generalists;
Stanford University to Computer Science Students: take probability and statistics courses!

March 19, 2010 Wall Street Journal: A Hot Job for Hard Times: The Life-Insurance Agent

January 5, 2010 Wall Street Journal: actuary is the top job in the 2010 Rankings by JobsRated

November 2, 2009: SmartMoney lists 5 college majors that are closely tied to growing industries. Statistics and Finance are included

Sloan Carreer Cornstone News Reviews of the Statistical and Actuarial Sciences

August 5, 2009 NY Times on the rising stature of Statisticians

Study Abroad for Statistics Majors

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