Each of the rooms has the following standard media equipment:

   ►two overhead projectors

   ►data projector

   ►laptop computer

   ►laser pointer

   ►transparencies and pens

♠♠♠♠ Blackboards will not be provided♠♠♠♠

If you wish to give A COMPUTER-DRIVEN PRESENTATION we would like to load it onto the UCSB laptop prior to the meeting. Please e-mail your presentation to by WEDNESDAY, June 22nd, with the SUBJECT LINE of your email as follows:
Last Name of Presenter-Presentation Name-spa-Name of Presentation Software


    Professor John Smith's PowerPoint presentation on "Spherical Abracadabra in Random Environment" for the SPA Conference: ssmith-sphericalabracadabrainrandomenvironment-spa-powerpoint.ppt

   ►NOTE: When renaming your presentation files, be sure to preserve the file extensions. We strongly advise the use of Adobe/PDF.

   ►Media staff will be available in all rooms between 1:30pm to 2pm to help with testing your presentation, updates, etc.

Our media staff will NOT be able to support presenter's personal laptop. If you decide to use your own laptop, there is a risk that something might go wrong, and no help will be available. If you bring a presentation on CD-ROM or USB memory sticks, this is expected to work, but it is safer to e-mail the presentation beforehand.

For maximum reliability, bring a hardcopy of your presentation on transparencies in addition to your computer files.