VEE Information

VEE are requirements that are sponsored by Society of Actuarial (SOA), Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS), and Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA). 


Currently (2017-2018), SOA requires the following three VEE topics 


In summer 2018, the SOA VEE requirements will change as follows:

         • Economics — no change expected
         • Applied Statistics VEE will be replaced by the Mathematical Statistics VEE
         • Accounting and Finance VEE will replace Corporate Finance VEE 

Notes on transition:

   • Candidates who earn Corporate Finance credit prior to July 1, 2019 will receive, upon claiming that
     credit, transition credit for the complete Accounting and Finance requirement. (Candidates are not
     required to claim the credit by this date)     
   • VEE Applied Statistics (Until June 30, 2018): PSTAT 126 and 174/274.
   • Applied Statistics credit earned prior to July 1, 2018 can be claimed at any time. Under the transition rules, such
     credit then becomes credit for the new VEE Mathematical Statistics and the Statistics for Risk Modeling Exam. 
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Since the introduction of Exam S in applied statistics in fall 2015, CAS require the following two VEE topics: 

• Economics
• Corporate Finance

For more information about CAS VEE Requirements see

The VEE topics are fulfilled independently of the exam process. A candidate must pass at least two SOA or CAS actuarial exams before applying for credit. UCSB offers courses that will give students VEE credits if they achieve a B- or higher in the class.

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