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Curriculum for the combined 5 year B.S./M.S. in Actuarial Science

Preparation for major requirements:
Math 3AB, 4AB, 6AB, 8 (must be completed with a grade of C or above)
CS 16, Writing 107A or B
Required UD courses, total of 44 units:
PSTAT 120A(or W 120A) BC Probability and Statistics 12
PSTAT 126 Regression Analysis 4
PSTAT 130* SAS Base Methods (elective for 4-year degree) 4
PSTAT 160AB* Applied Stochastic Processes (B is elective for 4-year degree) 8
PSTAT 170 Intro to Math Finance 4
PSTAT 171 Math of Fixed Income Markets 4
PSTAT 172AB Actuarial Statistics I and II 8

Required graduate courses, total of 27 units:
PSTAT 213A Intro to Stochastic Processes 4
PSTAT 276 Advanced Mathematical Finance 4
PSTAT 231 Data Mining 4
PSTAT 274 Time Series 4
PSTAT 263 Seminar, required for 1 year 3
PSTAT 296AB Graduate Research 8

Electives, total of 20 units (8 toward B.S. and 12 toward M.S. degrees): All electives should be approved by the Actuarial Program Advisor

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