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A fitted ssr Object


An object returned by the ssr function, inheriting from class ssr, and representing a fitted smoothing spline model. Objects of this class have methods for the generic functions predict, print and summary.


The following components must be included in a legitimate ssr object:

call a list containing an image of the ssr call that produced the object
coef estimated coefficients for the spline estimate
lambda a vector representing the estimate smoothing parameters
fitted fitted values of the unknown mean function
family the distribution family used
cor.est estiamted parameters, if any, in corMatrix
var.est estiamted parameters, if any, in varFunc
s design matrix extracted from formula
q a list of matrices representing reproducing kernels evaluated at design points.
residuals working residuals from the fit.
df equivalent degrees of freedom. It is calculated as the trace of the hat matrix.
weight a matrix representing the covariance matrix. It is NULL for iid data.
rkpk.obj an object representing fits from dsidr/dmudr/gdsidr/gdmudr. See help files for dsidr/dmudr/gdsidr/gdmudr for more details.
scale a logical value, specifying if scaling is used.


Chunlei Ke and Yuedong Wang

See Also

ssr, predict.ssr, summary.ssr, plot.ssr, dsidr, dmudr, gdsidr, gdmudr

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