snm.control {assist}R Documentation

Set Control Parameters for snm


Control parameters supplied in the function call replace the defaults to be used in calling snm.


snm.control(rkpk.control, nlme.control, prec.out=0.0005, 
  maxit.out=30, converg="COEF", incDelta)


rkpk.control a optional list of control parameters for dsidr or dmudr to estimate the unknown functions.
nlme.control a list of control parameters for the nonlinear regression step, the same as nlmeControl. Default is list(returnObject = T, maxIter = 5).
prec.out tolerance for convergence criterion. Default is 0.0005.
maxit.out maximum number of iterations for the algorithm. Default is 30.
converg an optional character, with possible values "COEF" and "PRSS", specifying the convergence criterion to be used. "COEF" uses the change of estimate of parameters and functions to assess convergence, and "PRSS" uses penalized residual sums of squares. Default is "COEF".
incDelta specifies a small value as increment to calcuate derivatives. Default is 0.001.


Returned is a list includes all re-seted control parameters.


Chunlei Ke and Yuedong Wang

See Also

snm,nlme, dsidr, dmudr, nlmeControl


## set maximum iteration to be 50

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