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Predictions from a Semiparametric Nonlinear Mixed Effects Model Fit


The predictions are obtained on a semiparametric nonlinear mixed effects model object by replacing the unknown functuons and the unknown parameters with their estimates. Of note, only a population level of predictions is available.


predict.snm(object, newdata, ...)


object a fitted snm object.
newdata a data frame containing the values at which predictions are required. Default are data used to fit the object.
... other arguments, but currently unused.


This function is a method for the generic function predict for class snm.


a vector of prediction values, obtained by evaluating the model in the frame newdata


Chunlei Ke and Yuedong Wang


Wahba, G. (1990). Spline Models for Observational Data. SIAM, Vol. 59.

Ke, C. and Wang, Y. (2001). Semi-parametric Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models and Their Applications. JASA.

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