Student Recommendation Letters
Adam P. Tashman, Ph.D.






Under the right circumstances, I am happy to provide my students with a recommendation letter.

I take the process seriously and it requires work on my part, and therefore I require some thought and action on your part:




        Did you do well in my course? If not, there may be a better source for a recommendation.


        Did you make yourself known to me?For example, did you frequently participate in class or attend office hours?

Even if you were an ďAĒ student in my class, if I donít know anything

else about you, I cannot write a letter.


        I will need at least 3 weeks to prepare a letter.



Information and materials I will need from you include the following:



        Name and date of each course taken with me


        Your transcript (it doesnít have to be a sealed official transcript)


        A statement describing your interest in the program or job for which you are applying