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PhD Program at the University of Washington, Seattle

Unofficial Transcript     Results of Preliminary Exams

Undergraduate Studies at Lomonosov Moscow State University

I completed the five-year Specialist Degree (roughly MSc equivalent) summa cum laude at the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics, Lomonosov Moscow State University. After the second year, I chose the Division of Probability Theory. I took a lot of courses in Probability and Stochastic Processes.

My thesis supervisor was Professor Vladimir Piterbarg, the head of the Laboratory of Probability

My thesis is available at arXiv (revised edition): Undergraduate Thesis

Undergraduate conference papers:

On a Generalization of Bernoulli and Euler Numbers

Statistical Investigation of Increments of Currency Rates Logarithms

Unofficial Tanscript (English)

Unofficial Tanscript (Russian)

The mathematics higher educational system in Russia is different from that in the United States. Instead of the Bachelor - Master - PhD track, we have the Specialist - Candidate track. The Specialist degree is roughly equivalent to Master's degree. It is five-year (not four-year) and its compulsory part is writing a thesis, similar to an undergraduate thesis in the U.S. Students study some subjects that are usually studied in Master's and even PhD programs in USA.

The Candidate program is roughly equivalent to a PhD program, but it lasts only for three years, and the emphasis on courses is not as strong as in the United States. Any department consists of many sub-departments (divisions) according to faculty research interests. Students join the division they wish (according to their research interests) at some point of their undergraduate education. At the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics, they make this choice at the end of their second year. After this, they take special courses tailored to this chosen topic as well as general mathematics courses.