Math 324F. Advanced Multivariable Calculus. Winter Quarter 2013

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Announcements: Monday, March 18:
1-4pm PDL C552: office hours.
4-5pm PDL C401: review session.
Tuesday, March 19:
2:30-4:20pm CMU 230: Final Exam

Time and Place: MWF 2:30 - 3:20pm Communications (CMU) 230
Instructor: Andrey Sarantsev
Office: Padelford (PDL) C552
E-mail: ansa1989 [_a_t]
Office Hours: Th 1:30-3:30pm in my office

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Lecture 1. Double Integrals. January 7
Lecture 2. Double Integrals in Polar Coordinates. January 9
Lecture 3. Triple Integrals I. January 11
Lecture 4. Triple Integrals II. January 14
Lecture 5. Change of Variables in Double Integrlas. January 16
Lecture 6. Cylindrical and Spherical Coordinates. January 18
Lecture 7. Change of Variables in Triple Integrlas. January 23
Lecture 8. The Chain Rule, Directional Derivatives. January 25
Lecture 9. Parametric Curves and Line Integrals. January 28
Lecture 10. Parametric Surfaces. February 4
Lecture 11. Surface Integrals. February 6
Lecture 12. Vector Fields. February 8
Lecture 13. Curl and Divergence. February 11
Lecture 14. Line Integrals of Vector Fields I. February 13
Lecture 15. Line Integrals of Vector Fields II. February 15
Lecture 16. Surface Integrals of Vector Fields I. February 25
Lecture 17. Surface Integrals of Vector Fields II. February 27
Lecture 18. Seven Integrals and Three Theorems. March 1
Lecture 19. Green's Theorem. March 4
Lecture 20. Stokes' Theorem I. March 6
Lecture 21. Stokes' Theorem II. March 8
Lecture 22. The Divergence Theorem I. March 11

Quizzes and Exams

  Quiz 1, January 18   Solution
  Quiz 2, January 28   Solution
  Midterm 1, Ferbuary 1   Solution
  Quiz 3, February 8   Solution
  Quiz 4, February 15   Solution
  Midterm 2, February 22   Solution
  Quiz 5, March 1   Solution
  Quiz 6, March 8   Solution
  Final Exam, March 19   Solution

Additional Prep Materials

Math 324 Departmental Syllabus
Dr Loveless' Math 324 Materials
Dr Arms' Math 324 Web Page

Practice Problems and Exams

Practice Problems from the Textbook
Practice Final Exam Solution
Dr Loveless' Math 324 Exam Archive
Practice Final from Stephen Lewis